I have been listening to Two Door Cinema Club’s music for years now and after the emotional turmoil of their tour selling out, I was gifted gig tickets for Christmas (shout out to my sister for saving the day and bossing present giving). It has definitely  earned a place in my top three concert experiences. It wasn’t only because of Alex Trimble’s, the lead singer’s, effortlessly cool aura and enviable gold metallic shoes, which didn’t even manage to pull my attention away from the performance for too long. (I have since been searching for a similarly cool pair, however, so suggestions would be welcome).

“It’s so good to be back together,” Trimble beams. “So far, the shows have been so much fun, and we’re enjoying each other’s company…. This isn’t a contractual obligation, we’re doing it for pleasure.” 

You could tell from watching the band perform, that this tour is something that they are doing for pleasure. They clearly found joy in their musical performance and all appeared more at ease with themselves and each other, after a few tumultuous years. While their popular songs from Beacon got the whole crowd singing along, their newer material from Gameshow, including ‘Are we ready? (Wreck)’ and ‘Bad Decisions’ seemed to resonate with the band after their struggles with identity and the overwhelming presence of social media and the internet in their lives. It seemed a creative risk so openly criticising the internet, something which the millennial generation that made up the bulk of their fan base clearly depends on, yet it was evident that the new musical sound was enjoyed by fans just as much as their previous material, or even more.

The staging was simple; screens positioned at the back of the set, which played varying graphics to fit with the hits the band kept reeling off, adding an unexpected exciting visual element to an auditory experience. The interludes between songs did not serve as an opportunity for the band to fill us in on ‘inside jokes’ and personal details, which I  actually found refreshing. Two Door Cinema Club instead allowed their popular music to completely dominate their show, using the visual effects as a way of enhancing the listeners’ experience rather than serving as a distraction. I believe they are one of the few bands that manage to perform their songs live to a higher standard than their recorded singles; the electronic sounds of their well known songs were augmented with a heavier bass guitar in their live performance which filled the O2 Academy, pulsating through the crowd, enveloping us in a more immediate sound. The intimate O2 Academy arena enhanced the sound and supported the acoustics of the performance, making it a gig that really celebrated the hits which propelled Two Door Cinema Club through their musical career, the sound they created for themselves and the enjoyment which they have brought to such a number and variety of fans.


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